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Camping in Kvarner Bay
Often dubbed the "best kept secret" of Croatia, Kvarner Bay is home to uninhabited islands, a truly magnificent coastline, picturesque local towns and a plethora of luxury camping resorts. As always, we encourage you to contact LUX-Camp to learn more. See more


Why Should I Camp at Kvarner Bay?

TOP 4 overview Kvarner Bay:

  • A Mediterranean climate throughout most of the year.
  • Direct access to the waters of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Less visitors when compared to other camping holiday destinations.
  • Numerous family-friendly activities to enjoy.

A Closer Look at Kvarner Bay
Kvarner Bay is situated between mainland Croatia and the Istrian Peninsula. Due to the fact that this is one of the deepest harbours in the area, the bay has been a popular port for shipping and trade for centuries. This has also given rise to a rather eclectic sense of culture while the inhabitants here are quite proud of their heritage. There are numerous islands within close proximity of its shores, making an inviting opportunity for those on luxury camping holidays to this region. The waters here are quite clean, making swimming another popular activity.

Popular Campsites, beaches & Nature

The Most Popular Campsites in Kvarner Bay
Camp Klenovika is a holiday camping resort which offers all of the familiarities of home within a splendid environment. The 12 hectares of land provide an excellent sense of privacy while modern conveniences including (but not necessarily limited to) wireless Internet, dedicated electrical supplies, sanitation facilities and comfortable mobile homes are all included as standard features. As Camp Klenovika is found close to many large natural parks, guests will often enjoy daily excursions to catch a glimpse of the countryside.

Beaches and Nature in Kvarner Bay
The majority of the best beaches can be found on the offshore islands. Names worth remembering include Slatina Opatija, Tomasevac Opatija, Skrbici Opatija and Paradise Beach (the most popular for foreign tourists). Many of the surrounding natural parks are likewise centred around the maritime environment. Locations such as Stara Baska and Cikat Forest Park should be included on any itinerary. Lush forests and diverse aquatic wildlife are only two of the attractions which await.

Attractions & food, drink and culture

Attractions in Kvarner Bay
Besides taking short boat trips to the islands, there are other attractions to experience during any luxury camping getaway. Visiting the Old Town of Rab provides an interesting glimpse into traditional Croatian culture. The city of Vrbnik is known for its inspiring Gothic-style cathedral. Komrcar Park is an excellent opportunity to spend a beautiful day outside with the entire family.

Food, Drink and Culture
The Croatian culture is known for its openness towards travellers; particularly in reference to holiday resorts. Thanks to a moderate climate, this region is respected for its vineyards and many delectable local wines are produced here. Tasty Croatian dishes include pasta with tomato sauce, locally caught fish and Kulen (a spicy pork sausage). LUX-Camp will be pleased to address any further questions upon request