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Questions and answers about the Corona virus

We are monitoring the situation closely for all our destinations and will update you as best we can!

Updated: 26-05-2020

Where do I find more information?

For more information, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the World Health Organisation (WHO).

We understand that you have questions about your upcoming holiday. Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions at the moment. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, you can also contact us by mail. We try to answer your question as soon as possible, but this may take a little longer than you are used to from us. At this time, all departments are involved in answering all customer questions. Although it may take a little longer, all questions will eventually be answered. If due to a delay in our response time you receive an incorrect payment reminder or cancellation confirmation before you have a reply to your last message, then don't worry, we will make it right for you. Thank you for your understanding!

Corona voucher

If we cancel your holiday because your campsite is unable to open due to the corona crisis, you will receive a voucher for the monies paid which will allow you to book another holiday with us at a later date. With the voucher you can make a new reservation within one year after the date of issue. This holiday must take place in 2020 or 2021 and you can choose from all the campsites in our programme. The exact conditions can be found on the voucher itself.

We will contact you in arrival date order about how the voucher will be made available. There is no need to contact us!.

Can I get my money back instead of getting a voucher? 

We can imagine that you would prefer a refund of your paid travel sum. However, this exceptional situation requires exceptional measures. We have opted for this solution.

If you really cannot or do not want to book another holiday with the voucher, you also have the option of getting your paid travel sum back in full after the voucher has expired. But of course we hope that you can book a nice holiday with us with the voucher in the short term.

I have to pay the balance of my holiday, do I have to pay in this situation?

We understand that you may be unsure whether your upcoming vacation will continue. As uncertainty about our destinations and borders continues, we will be contacting customers for whom the final payment date is approaching (arrival dates in July) over the coming weeks to discuss various options.

In any case, for all arrivals in 2020 for which the date for final payment has not yet expired, we will gladly give you the opportunity to transfer your booking to another campsite (possibly also in another country) and / or to a later date in 2020. Your deposit will then be transferred to this new booking. You can easily make your rebooking yourself online on our website. When making your new booking, please mention your original booking number in the comment box. We then ensure that your down payment will be moved to your new booking and that your rebooking is final. Please note that the booking value of the new booking must not be more than 25% lower than the booking value of your original booking.

If in the near future it turns out that the campsite will not open and you have paid the full travel sum by then, we will give you a voucher worth this full amount. You can find more information about the corona voucher above.

What if the campsite/accommodation is not open at the time of my arrival date?

Some of the campsites and partners we work with have decided to postpone the opening of the campsite. If this applies to your booking, we will contact you in order of arrival date. In the event that your holiday cannot continue because the campsite and / or accommodation provider cannot deliver, you will receive a voucher worth your deposit.

What if the campsite is open, but there is a negative travel advice (code red) to the area where the campsite is located?

If there is still negative travel advice (code red) in the area where the campsite is located 10 days before your arrival date, we will contact you. In this case you will receive a voucher worth your deposit.

What if I want to cancel my booking myself?

If the FCO advice has not changed and holidays are operating as normal, your holiday will be subject to normal booking conditions and cancellation charges will apply.

How about my cancellation/travel insurance?

Standard cancellation insurance does not cover cancellation of the trip due to coronavirus. In case you booked the Safety Pack with us, you can always cancel 60 days prior to departure without any reason with 10% own risk.

What are the safety measures that campsites will take and will this affect the availability of facilities?

It is expected that there will be clarity in mid-June about how campsites will open and how different facilities will become available. At this time there is no definitive answer yet. As soon as we have more information about this, we will communicate it on this website. At this moment, all facilities such as the swimming pool, sanitary facilities, bar and restaurant seem to be opening. And just like in your own country, some safety protocols are in force, such as social distancing for adults and extra cleaning.

I would like to be informed when it is clear when campsites will open again (and which safety measures are applied)

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