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Camping in South-East Slovenia
Hilltop churches, serpentine rivers, endless birch forests and majestic mountains are some of the features which characterise a luxury camping holiday within the region of south-east Slovenia. To learn more, getting in touch with LUX-Camp ensures you’ll get all the information you need. See more


What are the Benefits of a Camping Holiday in South-East Slovenia?

TOP 4 overview of South-East Slovenia:

  • Historic towns and villages.
  • Open-air parks, nature preserves and hiking trails.
  • A region famous for its selection of wines.
  • A kaleidoscope of luxury camping sites to choose from.

South-East Slovenia at a Glance

This somewhat rugged mountainous region is perfect for families that have been hoping to catch a glimpse of nature at its finest. Numerous rivers intersect this land; each providing its own sense of mystery and tranquillity. Ancient monasteries pay silent tribute to centuries of continuous human habitation and this very same quality can be seen in the "old towns" found within many urban centres.

Popular Campsites, beaches & Nature

The Most Popular Campsites in South-East Slovenia

For an amazing, relaying location for any luxury camping holiday, look no further than Terme Catez. The 450 individual pitches afford a unique sense of privacy during any stay. Spacious mobile homes are likewise able to offer a modern holiday experience. Waste disposal locations, baby changing areas, a fully equipped laundrette and wheelchair-accessible facilities further increase this sense of comfort. Activities such as golf, angling, hiking and tennis are only moments away from Terme Catez.

Beaches and Nature in South-East Slovenia

Thanks to the countless rivers and lakes, the beaches here tend to abound. While not as large as those found within maritime regions, their size if offset by a sense of privacy and notably clean waters. The natural parks of Kočevski Rog and Osilnica display the unique flora and fauna that are native to this region; particularly the presence of white birch trees. A unique geology has also dotted south-east Slovenia with a number of caves and subterranean passages. One famous example can be seen in an ice cave found within the Željne cave region. Of course, hiking and bicycling are popular pastimes for many visitors.

Attractions & food, drink and culture

Attractions in South-East Slovenia

The city of Novo Mesto is the capital of this region. This location is famous for its old churches, thermal spas and the nearby Otocec castle (perhaps the most well-known structure throughout south-wast Slovenia. The wineries found throughout Semic, Metlika and Crnomelj should never be missed by any aficionado of local drink.

Food, Drink and Culture

The Slovenian diet is heavily based around meat dishes and stews. Goulash, klobasa and kisdo zelje (sausage and sauerkraut) and jota (ham, pork and garlic) are some traditional examples. Dandelions and mushrooms are featured heavily in many dishes. The wines here (especially red varieties) are notably for the flavour and fruity texture. Slovenians tend to be reserved, yet very friendly individuals. LUX-Camp will happily provide you with further details.